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NFL Leaders: Interceptions, 2nd Half OF GAMES 2007

1 Carson Palmer Cin 11 (eh, Blame it on the Bengals defense)
2t Jay Cutler Den 10
2t Gus Frerotte StL 10
2t Eli Manning NYG 10
5t Drew Brees NO 9
5t Marc Bulger StL 9
5t Damon Huard KC 9
5t Jon Kitna Det 9
5t Sage Rosenfels Hou 9
5t Vince Young Ten 9
11 Brian Griese Chi 8
12t Kyle Boller Bal 7
12t Trent Dilfer SF 7
12t Brett Favre GB 7
12t Peyton Manning Ind 7
12t Philip Rivers SD 7
12t Kurt Warner Ari 7
18t Jason Campbell Was 6
18t Trent Edwards Buf 6
18t Josh McCown Oak 6
18t Chad Pennington NYJ 6
18t Tony Romo Dal 6
I actually find this list somewhat interesting. Jay Cutler was a kid that never learned to win in college. He's having same problem putting away games in the NFL. Palmer is also a QB that simply is struggling at what I like to call "winning time." Eli MAnningup until the playoffs last year has made a career out o screwing up a game. Yet 2 guys who win more then any other ( Brady and Ben) apparently do not throw many Picks in the 2nd half of games.[/quote:38hyyslj]

You wouldn't happen to have the % of interceptions per passing attempts in the 2nd half of games stat would you?

Also do these numbers mean that Romo/Pennington and Ben are greater than Peyton and Carson?