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Great thoughts. You and I see it alike. Druckenmiller should not be seen as a threat, but as a key part of a positive outcome.
Thanks for the love, OV! Always nice to see others view an opinion for what it is...an opinion.

While it is sad that this appears to be an imminent new chapter in the team history of the Steelers, you have to give the Rooney's credit for forward thinking and doing this now instead of when Dan assumes the grave.

Good business people do what Dan Rooney is doing. Even though he might have more financial leverage had he possessed a more diverse financial portfolio, he has the intellectual capital over league matters that can never be directly inherited by anyone else. Stanley Druckenmiller has to value that highly as a decent businessman himself and that is a big reason that I believe Dan Rooney and Art II will be in the picture for the Steelers for a while after this deal goes down. As the Rooney's need the Druckenmiller $$$, Druckenmiller needs Dan Rooney's savvy in the NFL.

And I have already stated that I believe Stan Druckenmiller's $ will be a breath of fresh air to the Steelers. Granted, he can't be like the Steinbrenner's in New York and buy his way to a championship. The salary cap prohibits that. But I think his influence and financial savvy will encourage more corporate partnership with the NFL in general and with the Steelers in particular. And, in this day and age, there is no shortage of good sense in that. Corporate money, despite the veneer of "family ownership" that the NFL likes to march around so much, is going to have a much greater influence over the league and it will be happening sooner than everybody thinks.