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Thread: Friendly wager involving the Steelers......

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    Re: Friendly wager involving the Steelers......

    Quote Originally Posted by Ozey74
    My brother in-law, who is a big Colts fan, & I have bet on this years upcomming Colts/Steelers match-up. The loser has to wear the other teams apparel at our yearly Memorial Day party next year & to the next Steelers/Colts game that we will attend when it's in Indy.

    I don't want to be too sure of myself, but I'm extremely confindent the Steelers can win this game easily. Peyton will be playing against the elements rather than the nice, climate controlled environment that he is accustomed to. And Peyton sucks against a 3-4 D.

    If I end up losing this bet, it will kill me to have to wear Colts gear!! I would rather buy my brother in-law lunch every week for the rest of my life.

    Has anyone done any wagers similiar to this in the past that they care to share?
    I bet my terrible towel versus a colts towel during the Bettis fumble-on-the-way-to-the-superbowl game.

    I put a hole in the towel and use it as a golf towel (although my original claim was to use it to dry my arse).
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    Re: Friendly wager involving the Steelers......

    yea i made a bet like that once... Bet that the Steelers would beat Indy on Monday night... wager was to shave every hair off my body. when Ike gave up that big TD to harrison at the beginning i knew i was doomed. But I won the rematch! SHE had to shave her head!


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