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Thread: Hills signs

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    Hills signs

    According to's Adam Caplan, the Steelers have signed fourth-round draft pick Tony Hills.
    Hills signed a three-year, $1,454,500 deal with a signing bonus of $304,500. The breakdown:

    2008: $295,000

    2009: $385,000

    2010: $470,000

    Of of the 12 fourth-round picks who've signed deals this offseason, Hills is only the second to sign a three-year deal (Kenny Iwebema/Arizona Cardinals was the other player). The other 10 players signed four-year deals (maximum length under the CBA).

    Hills played left tackle throughout the spring

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    Re: Hills signs

    Very nice.

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    Re: Hills signs

    Indeed this is good news. We need to make sure we get all people into camp on time since the camp is only 3 weeks this year.
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    Re: Hills signs

    Quote Originally Posted by costanza2k1
    We need to make sure we get all people into camp on time since the camp is only 3 weeks this year.
    Agreed.... I'm somewhat skeptical about this deal being only 3 yrs while most are 4.... Are they concerned about something? ... Either way, it's a very good start. I'm really hoping that he can produce at some point (probably only in a relief role this season) because we could definitely use some good news at this position.

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    Re: Hills signs

    They'll all be there the only one that may take some work signing will be Mendenhall. None of the others can afford to not be there, they're fighting for a position on the team. Don't sweat it, they'll all be signed and ready to go (if they want a chance at making the team).


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