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Aight...the college forum is set up...no more whining.

Just a couple rules for this forum.

1) Always refer to the Buckeyes as THE Ohio State University. tOSU is acceptable.
2) Anyone slamming the Buckeyes will be immediately banished to what I like to call the hell of being a fan of any other team.

That is all.
Just got back in town and saw that this was added!!!!!!!!.... Wooo Yaaa!!! (but I reaaaaly need something to "whine" about, so I'll come up with something else.... )

... So let my first post in this forum go something like this.....

THE Ohio State University is gonna get slammed by USC on Sept 13th.... ... It will be thier "awakening" to the season!... Besides, USC has arguably the best offensive backfield in div 1-A, and thier defense is still peppered with NFL talent despite losing 9 players this past season to the draft. Some are even better than those they are replacing...

Yes, Pryor is gonna be good, if not great. But not this year... Maybe next season as a sophmore.

...So Shawn, am I the first one to be banished to hell?..... Am I?....Pleeeeeze.....

... Thier "land of success" will fall before the leaves in Columbus. Mark my words!....