The players did vote for the grass...I would too! I would bet if they asked them if they wanted the grass at Heinz field or some type of new grass...They would vote for new grass! Unfortunately, as long as the panthers play there the Steelers get "leftovers" from the Panthers home game. It will be very difficult and costly to give them an A+ field come Sunday when the field is torn up during a Panthers game. Just remember...The opposing team has to play on the same field. How ever it impacts the Steelers...It does the same for the opposition. From experience, "Sloppy" fields...Bad weather game...Requires a "Bus" type of runner. A RB with more RB skills, North & South runner, runs through arm tackles, and low center gravity. A little extra weight also helps. When the field gets bad...Parker is the complete opposite type of runner you look for. Davenport was a little better than Parker but his upright running and lack of field vision didn't make him the answer. Mendenhall & Russell look like they come from that mold. Mendenhall can do both. Russell did it at Minnesota. We should see an upgrade in the running game during bad field conditions this year.