here are my lists.

Where I went Right

1) Ignored the 23 Interceptions by Ben in O6. Refused to let it sway my opinion that he is the third Best QB in pro football. I was right.

2) Last October I spotted Running Game issues with the Steelers. Issues that were not easily identifiable to the regular eye. Steelers draft RB with first pick. Sign another in free agency. ANd Reports are their looking at Kevin Jones as well. Many articles have been wrote since October about the inconsistencies of the Running game. I was Right.

3) Packers were my play of the year. I was told that I was a jackass for thinking Favre was going to lead that team to a division title. And not many understood my love for the Packers or their defense before last season. I was right.

4) I felt the Ravens were frauds in 2006 and that would come home to roost in 2007. A team that wins because of Turnovers one year, often gets slammed the next year. I even predicted that the Ravens would not win another game last season before the 1st Steeler game. I was nearly right on that. But over all if you look at the stumbling Ravens last year, I was Right.

5) On my highly listened to Radio show I predicted an early collapse for the Saints. I was Right. (reruns at

6) I said that Offensive Yards per pass was the most important stat in football. Turns out that last year, all teams except for 2 , either improved or declined their over all team records based on their Yards per pass average from 2006 to 2007. If their YPA went up, their record improved. If it went down, their record declined. All but two teams. I was Right.

where I went wrong

1) Didn't take the Giants seriously enough down the Stretch,. Just never saw that coming. I was wrong.

2) MY SB prediction from the beginning of Season with Patriots turned out to be wrong.

3) My prediction that the Jags would over take the colts in the South , was wrong. But Garrards injury didn't help.

4) My Pick that the Eagles would play the Cowboys in championship game was wrong.