Man, is anyone else as BORED as I am on weekends this time of year?!.... Brenda is still in "recovery mode", so physical activity is out of the question... ... And my golf partner is out of town... The "grill-out" is already completed, so I'm stuck just roaming the boards.

...OK, here's a contest for you all that runs thru tonight only. Consider it a "perk" for those of you that actually visit the Steeler forum during the dog-days of the off-season on a weekend like me... Answer the two following questions to win the "ultimate prize"...

1. I am thinking of a number between 1 and 100. What is it?

2. I am thinking of a former Steeler. He was born on August 30,1947. Played 13 seasons with the Steelers. Wore a fairly "popular" number. Has four Super Bowl rings. And started 177 games on offense... Who is he?

...The trivia question about the former player must be correct, but the closest to the number will win... So put on your thinking caps, warm up that Google button, and best of luck! .... As I said, the winner gets the "ultimate prize" (obviously not the greatest in the world, but not bad either, considering it's free for just putting a little thought into the question!... And it IS Steeler material. )... First to answer correctly wins. The prize will be revealed afterwords.