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Thread: Goodell: NFL rookie pay-scale 'ridiculous'Updated

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    Re: Goodell: NFL rookie pay-scale 'ridiculous'Updated

    Next March is a deadline they are aiming for which is pretty important. Life without a salary cap for a year? Yikes, we'd "get nothing and like it"!!

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    Re: Goodell: NFL rookie pay-scale 'ridiculous'Updated

    Quote Originally Posted by NKySteeler
    Quote Originally Posted by stlrz d
    I think both would be in favor. There are far more vets than rookies and right now the vets are getting the shaft. If the union is truly interested in what is best for the majority of the players they should be in favor of it. Owners are giving big, big bucks to unproven players so you know their side is in favor of it.
    ...Then I think it will be addressed sooner than later. (and I agree with you completely).
    I agree that the issue will be dealt with sooner. I think of the situation when Troy signed his extention. He was the highest paid safty until the rookie Landry signed a week or two later. Another thought, sometimes the rookie deals may drive up some of the veteran's salaries. This in turn may cause incidents with agents (who I think may be the biggest culprits) and players like Chad Johnson or Urlacher who feel like they are being under paid.

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    Re: Goodell: NFL rookie pay-scale 'ridiculous'Updated

    I bet the issue of cap-hits also gets addressed. It is a huge mess, and forces teams to keep players who want out, or aren't worth the money. I think it was Jimmy Johnson who said he had a "capologist". What a joke.
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