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Thread: Peezy Giving Back

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    Re: Peezy Giving Back

    I miss jp's demeanor on the field. We don't have a guy thats outspoke like that on our defense anymore. Someone that shows raw emotion out there on the field. I think Woodley will be that type of player in the future though once takes more of a leadership role.

    I guarantee that people would not have been running right dowon our throats in the later part of last year if JP was here. He took that type of stuff personal.. would make people accountable, fire people up, or do whatever it takes me sure that type of stuff didn't happen similar to lloyd. We don't have a guy like that anymore from what I can see.

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    Re: Peezy Giving Back

    Quote Originally Posted by stlrz d
    You know, I'm not much for trash talking, but somehow Peezy's stuff always brings a smile to my face. I replayed those clips several times.

    When you get on that bus and head down the turnpike you're going home losers!

    I dont talk much shout either, but dont you mean Pikers?

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    Re: Peezy Giving Back

    Quote Originally Posted by NKySteeler
    Porter was a loud-mouthed SOB.... I appreciate what he brought to our team during his tenure here, but I hated the mouth.... It was not, nor has been the way Steeler players conducted themselves.... Maybe I'm "old school" where I'm used to seeing the talking during the game and between the sidelines, I don't know.... Personally, I'm very glad he's gone... He wasn't worth the money, and it was the right time to get rid of him.
    I liked Peezy's attitude much more than I liked Plaxico's attitude. Even though Porter's skills were diminishing when we cut him, and Burress was entering his prime when we let him walk, I was happier to see Plexico go.

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