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you CAN use super bowls as a perimeter for how good a qb is. that IS a part of the game. it's the BIGGEST part of the game. was marino a better qb then the three you mentioned? sure was. BUT only because of the body of work he put together. it took him 16 years to be considered that great.
No it didn't. Marino was considered great after he threw 48 TD passes in like his 2nd season.

You can't use SB wins to judge one player from the next. Its the worst argument that anyone ever tried to make. You can't tell me that Marino is better then the 3 QBs I mentioned , even though they all have Rings. But on the other hand tell me that Bradshaw is better because of his rings. You can't have it both ways.

I guess Bill Cartwright was waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better then Patrick Ewing. After all he has THREE RINGS and Ewing has NONE. Silly argument.
MSM in that same 2nd season, Dan marino got blown out in the biggest game of the year by a GREAT qb in the Super Bowl. what good were those 48 touchdowns then?