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Just another reason Roethlisberger is best QB in steeler history.

1) Ben doesn't take Steriods

2) Ben would have never been benched in favor of Joe gilliam

That being Said, Bradshaw is still my 3rd favorite Steeler of all time.

My short list

1) Roethlisberger (He's like a one man Gang)
2) Lambert (Heart and Soul)
3) Bradshaw (Was treated unfairly by fans)
4) Swann (added Flair to championship team)
5) Mean Joe Green (Probably the 2nd best player ever for the Steelers)
6) Mel blount (they had to change the rules because of him)
7) Rod Woodson (soo fast)
8 ) Stallworth (dependable, with deep play capability)
9) Bettis (for years he faced 9 man fronts without passing attack, and still got job done)
10) Plaxico Burress (we didn't have a real legit passing game until he arrived)
and if all those guys used roids... if you're dropping TB for it, wouldn't that mean Lambert, Swann, MJG, etc shoudl be dropped?