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Good article and I'm glad to hear Spaeth has had such a good spring.

As someone said, I believe it was SMG, the organization has definitely surrounded their franchise QB with playmakers. However, I'm worried about being able to keep them all happy. I believe with the addition of Sweed, our WR group will be very good, and our RB tandem & TE tandem could be hard to beat. Unfortunately, there are only so many passes to go around. Does anyone fear that if some of these young guys don't feel they get the ball enough they could opt to leave once their rookie contracts are up?
I think they can keep them happy as long as they win. The one who can set the tone and be a real leader is Hines. The addition of Sweed, a pass catching Mendenhall and the emergence of TEs will likely effect his opportunities the most. This is the time where he can set the example and not dwell on personal achievement, but help these younger players be better for the team much like Bettis did.