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Pass attempts per season (Ben only):

2004 - 295
2005 - 268
2006 - 469
2007 - 404

It's not just about taking carries away from Parker, it's about taking carries away from the running game as a whole.
I just don't know how to phrase "value per play" any other way to get you to understand. Your either in complete denial or you really just don't understand.

first off, were talking about Willie Parker. He had more carries per game then anyone in pro football. So pleeeeeeeaaaaaassssseeeee stop saying he doesn't get ample opportunity! It's ridiculous! How many more carries does he need? His value per play is just not acceptable.[/quote:3e1hfxxk]

I see what you're saying and I think the best and most common way to term it would be average yards per carry on those downs. You're absolutely right, any increase in pass attempts isn't going to decrease the effectiveness of his carries, unless of course someone is trying to imply that a decrease in rush attempts doesn't allow a running back to get into a groove...which is clearly not the case with Willie.
I would say however that this is an indictment of our offensive line more than anything else. I'm pretty sure we can all agree that Parker is not a chain-mover who can grind out the tough yards between the tackles or in short yardage situations. It's no slam on him, because he's never been that type of back. What is mind-numbing is that Arians kept on trying to make him that guy last year rather than putting him more on the edge. We probably would have been better served mixing in more Dookie or Russell behind that line with their obvious blocking problems (not that Davenport is anything to get excited about or that Russell has proven he can get it done).

I admit to not knowing enough about Mendenhall when we drafted him and didn't think was all that adept in the power running game, but obviously he's got a full tool box. As I said earlier, his addition along with Hartwig and the progress of our passing game promises to improve on those averages.