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I had a buddy (cowboys fan) who i told a couple of weeks ago, "let's both get on and go for it"... he agrees... later, he adds a buddy who wants tix.... "he'll be online, too", he says.

"Good, we need to be there early. Last year, they were all gone by 10 after. Be online, pressing refresh as noon rolls around and we'll get each try." (During the last 2 weeks, I've said this about 10 times, with a re-assurance every single time that he'd be there).

I call my buddy around 5-til on Sat and say, "you guys ready"... "I'm en route... be home in 10 minutes".... "that'll be 5 minutes too late.." I hear his wife talking in the background, mumbling something... and what it is, doesn't matter... he's out with her instead of handling business. i'm now realizing that instead of going for a pair of tix, i now have to shoot for 3 (or 4), which is less likely to be available. Still, I try... wait 2 mins, not available... I go back for 2 (which I know isn't gonna happen NOW)... not available... I could just kick him in the sack... especially since he possibly cost me an extra $100 (or more) for my ticket... if i even bother to go.

I guess your buddy just doesn't understand.

The Cowboys game must have been a tough one to get. I refreshed, refreshed, refreshed, entered the security words insanely quick, had less than two minutes wait
so I was feeling good, then nothing.

But hey, pre season is still available. I guess the scalpers don't value those as much.