On a personal note, I like the schedule because there will be ALOT of games on national TV. Thanks to so many 4pm starts and the not many schedule conflicts with the Colts, there are only 5 games all year that will not be televised in my area (I think). Therefore, I will not have to go out to a sportsbar and watch the game & I can save $30. And, I will be at one of these game that wont be televised (Cincy) in my area so that means I only have to go out to a bar 4 times all year!!

I don't understand when people complain out how hard our schedule is & how easy the Pats schedule is. The schedule is made out about 3 years in advance, except the 2 opponents that are determined by record of the previous year. It's just how things work out. In 3 years, the Steelers may have the easiest schedule & the Pats may have the hardest schedule. There is no way of knowing that now!!

Bottom line, I think, is this: Take care of the AFC North and the Steelers will be playing in January!! This is very do-able.