SteelerBob has pimped this guy for the past couple of years and I too wanna get on this bandwagon. Victor Harris very easily could be a Steeler target late in round 1 in 2009.

This is the prototypical 3-4 CB. Very physical, very tough. Not a pure cover man but more of an all-around type. I love the way this kid squares up with discipline on anything in front of him. Watch this clip and notice the play where there is a WR screen to Harris' side. Watch how Harris comes up, not to fast but in control, giving himself enough room between himself, the sideline, and the receiver. Harris makes sure the WR stays inside of him and then squares up and flat out levels hims. I also like how on another play in this clip, one where there is a deep sideline route, how Harris turns towards the sideline in an outside-inside move looking back and picking up the ball all in one fluid motion. This is what scouts look for in a corners hips and how fluid he is in his turns. Harris has tremendous break on the ball. Comes foward with authority. He plays with a mean streak and a very aggressive demenor.

I think Harris could also play free safety in the NFL and do it well.l

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