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Yes, Shell should be in, but I truly believe that there is a certain "bias" against the Steelers at this point.... Hell, they don't want the whole squad in there, do they? ... Let's not forget that Dawson ain't there yet either... And he was one of the best at the position.

Who was that Patriot LB from the 80's that was inducted last year? What a terrible submission that was. The fact that he got in before Shell and Greenwood??

Andre Tippett was a player back in the day. It is hard to compare the credentials of a LB to a d-lineman and to a safety, though. In terms of LB's, I'm surprised that Derrick Thomas hasn't gotten more posthumous love from the HOF voters.
But, Tippett isn't as high up the food chain with LBs as Shell is with safeties. Lambert, Ham, Taylor, Butkus, Nitschke, Lanier, Singletary not much doubt that he isn't in the caliber of thoseplayers and that's the point.

Shell was probably one of the top 5 safeties of all time, hitter, ballhawk, 4 time SB champ, 5 time all-pro and 70 turnovers in 201 games.