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If they come out of the gate beating the Ratbirds, then the Titans, then win or loss against the Giants they could be 2-1 or 3-0.
...Are you drinking again?... j/k man......

I agree that they could POSSIBLY and only possibly be an issue/force to be reckoned with... But really doubt it. Thier O-line is just as weak, if not weaker than ours. Thier D-line is pretty much the same, and they will also be having a few new players in the mix behind them... Rivers does scare me, but that's assuming he is just a monster right out of the blocks... I just don't see them doing a whole lot, and could actually see them at 1-5 or 0-6 when we see them for the first time in October.... But then again, you obviously know how I feel about them, so I may be somewhat "clouded" in judgement.....

No denying that defense is weak but for the offense we all know first hand sometimes it's not completely the O-Lines fault for lack of production.

Is Carson holding onto the ball too long?
Is Chad and Horse face not getting open?
Is the running game non existent?
Is the O-line one guy away from turning the corner?
Is the offensive coordinator calling the wrong games?

These are all correctable in training camp. If they do correct their offensive issues other things start to fall into place. All of a sudden defenses start feeding off the offense and play better then they really are. That is why I will wait before I chaulk the Steelers down for 2 wins.

In the meantime I hope your right I would love to see that team self implode at 1-5 or 0-6.