No, I'm not talking about Steeler-themed pet names between yourself and your significant other (although if she calls you Steely McBeam in bed, more power to you).

I'm talking about names you've given to the animals that occupy your home. Can you guess the rather obvious names of my two pets?

In our family, my in-laws asked me to name all of their animals, and I went with an Irish surname theme, even though my mother-in-law is 100% Italian. They have two dogs named Farley and Clancy and a cat named Murphy. When we got our dog, he was mostly black, with some gold-ish accents. My job was to pick a name that was true to his black-and-gold nature and also meshed with the Irish precedent set by my in-laws pets. Name that dog!

Recently, we also got the kids a guinea pig. When naming it, my wife (who is half Italian) suggested we go with an Italian name instead of an Irish name, since he is a "guinea" pig (not too racist, eh?) But I don't argue with a woman who is half-Italian and half-German (That's two thirds of the Axis powers...if she has a Japanese great uncle somewhere, look out!) Anyway, the guinea pig's face is half black and half gold. So my job was to give a half-black animal an Italian-sounding name. Could it be any more obvious?