I have to say that what separates me from many fans is that I truly have a sick passion. addiction for
sports. Its been that way all my life. And that passion begins with the Steelers. Here is my checklist.
See how bad your addiction is.

you know your sick when

1) It's monday Morning after a sunday loss, and you have a sick feeling in your stomach and you want nothing to do with any sports media ,be it radio, TV, or newspapers that will be discussing the previous game. You can't stomach to listen to it.

2) Its now Wednesday and your over the loss (somewhat) but now you ready to B it ch about it.

3) Its a typical work day. but you just can't get the Steelers salary cap ramifications out of your mind

4) It's only the middle of June but your already concerned about a tough 3 game stretch in November that could make or Break the steelers season.

5) It's been 3 years, but you still can't get over the loss of one of your favorite players who left via free agency.

6) Your team just drafted a player and you have already placed him into the pro football hall of fame even though he has yet to play a down.

7) You replayed all the Patriots / steelers game over and over in your mind, trying to pin point all the times the Steelers may have been screwed.

8 ) 3 weeks after Hines Ward went off with his comments about Ben needing a new receiver, you still can't quit thinking about them.

9) Steelers draft WR Limas Sweed and the 1st thing you thought about is Hines Ward.

10) When the Steelers lose you seem to take it personal.

11) when you sit down to watch a steeler game, you have no ability to be bothered by others. You sometimes close the door to all outsiders just so you can get locked into the game.

12) You forgot to put your Steeler memorabilia piece on the TV set before start of game, and you now feel partially responsible for the loss.

13) You cringe when you hear about a steeler getting arrested. You either immediately become part of his defense team or feel ultimately embarrassed about something you had nothing to do with.

14) Your engaged in a discussion with another Steeler fan about what's wrong with the team. But a fan from another team tries to pour salt on the wound, a you quickly ask him how many SB rings does his team have.

15) You hear rumors of an uncapped year in 2010 and a picture of the Pirates comes dancing in your head.




10-11 = AVID FAN

12-13 = DIE HARD

14-15 = one sick Bastard