Jom, I really don't think Tomlin had a whole lot of input as to the "final decision" last year, and I really, unfortunately, think Colbert still carries more weight, even in this year. But who really knows? .... Does Marvin make the decisions for all of the "poor quality individuals" chosen in past years, or does Mike have a say in it as well?... If Marvin is a "defensive genius" as many thought, what is the problem?.... Point being, it's not always the head coach making the pick.

Yes, our O-line is somewhat weak, as is yours... I do not forsee too many "pro bowlers" from your starting roster at this position either. Here's a good read about the division and positions, although somewhat biased.

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I appologize for the "cross thread" quote about Carson, but it was mentioned before in our conversations. I'm sure you won't agree, but maybe you can rationalize the logic behind it... Bottom line is that he has to win before he is appropriately recognized. (I will add that I was a HUGE Carson fan during his days at USC...)

As for Palmer, until he can show that he can be a true leader of his team, and carry the team to victory when everyone else is trying to lose, he won’t supplant a Super Bowl champion at the top of the heap.