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Woodly is going to make mistakes. I doubt he will live up to the expectations some set for him this season. Going into this 3rd season is when I think it will all come together for him. We will have to wait and see what happens.

I'm not sure about the 15 sacks but I do think that this young man has a maturity about him that will pave the way for him to not only garnish the respect of his team mates but to lead them as well. I think that this guy will be the breakthrough story for our team and will be the backbone of our LB corps that has been missing for years.

I feel you bro, on the "AIM HIGH" sentiments... I predicted 12 sacks this year. Not as high as yours but still pretty up there... up there enough to secure a place in the hearts of Steeler Nation as the new Beast LB we've been missing for awhile. I just hope that with the emergence of Woodley, this will inevitably increase Harrison's sack numbers as well.
12 sacks would be outstanding! Throw in 60+ tackles and the guy might make the Pro Bowl in his second year. I am confident he is the "Beast" we have been missing since Greene. I expect Harrison to equal his numbers at the least with Woodley playing opposite. I noticed something about Haggans for the last 1 1/2 years. It was something that also became evident in Porters final years. Haggans was getting block 1 on 1 by RBs & TEs. We all saw last year what happened when a team tried to block Harrison with a RB or TE... They got "Owned"! Woodley has GREAT lower body strength to go with his above average upper body. Playing DE in college really developed his body. He gets great push when he engages a taller OL. He just runs over RBs & TEs. Then he has the speed to go around the edge so he could be the complete package once he develops better cover skills. Now the Steelers have two outside pass rushers that will require help if the scheme requires a TE or RB to block them on passing downs. That alone will give opposing OC headaches all week!