No this isn't a law firm but it has become obvious that there are a lot of criminalistic garbage going on in all three of the major sports in our country. Cover-ups, lies, cheating, denials, and flat out scandalous activity have hit our past times hard of late. It makes you stop and wonder what is really going on. Why cant a Ref., Official, or Umpire just call the game the way they see it and not be swayed by a home crowd, a certain high level performer, or ratings? Isn't there any integrity left in sports? And then we have our commissioners. Three stooges who have played us as fans and taken what we once saw as our innocence from our childhoods and created a nasty, distasteful, skeptical feeling inside our stomachs and minds.

I feel like I need a shower.

And to think there are some people who cry over our government elected officials getting involved with this mess.

Pete Rose was my boyhood men like Arlen Spectar are.

Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio a nation turns it's lonely eyes to you....