I'm really enjoying the read on this thread as I've always been a big
follower of both Foote and Farrior as unsung players on our D who were
overshadowed by the media coverage constantly given to Peezy.

Having seen both up close at practice over the last few years, I'd agree
that Foote just seems smaller than Farrior in his build and I'm excited to
hear more about the young hitters we have waiting in the wings.

However, I'm also saddened a bit by their potential departure from our team as
I think they both have contributed, perhaps Farrior much moreso vocally
with Foote being his quieter alter ego, in a leadership role for our defense.
Again, overshadowed by coverage of Peezy a lot while he was here, but just
as charismatic when it counted and was needed.

Of course, on the other hand, Foote can always come join my team...