I was at the check out line at a local grocery store here in FLA, and an "IN TOUCH" celebrity tabloid magazine caught my eye. The front cover was split in two showing Jessica Simpson on one side and Carrie Underwood on the other.... and in a little circle in the middle of both blondes there's a photo inset of Tony Romo with this exasperated look on his face. The headline read something to the effect of how Jessica is upset that Tony is still holding out hopes for Carrie's return to him. I thought to myself, what a putz.

I know, some of you might be saying...."Man, I wish I had that problem." I'm looking at this from a football perspective. I can begin to express the gratitude that I have that Ben is not trying to be celebrity poster boy fodder. Brady and Romo can keep their limelight and all the headaches that come with their chosen public lives. Ben might have had similar aspirations, but at least he's tried to keep a low profile. I know when he was a rook/sophomore he dabbled in public life, but I'm glad that he's adapted a Steeler mentality when dealing with the media.

One of the things that I take such great pride in being part of the Nation is that my team is so blue-collar in all aspects... from the way they approach the game, to the old-school "build a team through the draft" mentality, to the types of players we seem to field year in and year out. The guys are regular Joes committed to their craft and don't look at their occupations as stepping stones to glamor and glitz. I'm glad I never have to shake my head in disgust about the FO maneuvering to acquire a scumbag like Pacman, just to retain his football services. Just an observation that was spurned by yet another ridiculous story regarding some football jock who wants to languish in the limelight and be distracted by things outside of the game. Makes me glad to be a Steeler fan. Any other reasons why you give your allegiance to the men of Black and Gold?