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Thread: more , sports is fixed stuff

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    Re: more , sports is fixed stuff

    If you people saw what I have in my blue book on Bennett Salvatore , it would
    make you all twist and turn for a few nights.

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    Re: more , sports is fixed stuff

    I think most of us know and understand sports are fixed and governments are corrupt. I would just not like to know about it and play dumb. When governments such as the one I came from is so open about their practices it hurts, the same goes with sports and spygate type stuff. We all know you do it, I'm ok with it...just hide that junk better. Good will always prevail (see Pats*** 18-1 season) in the long run.
    ours is not to wonder why just invert and multiply...

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    Re: more , sports is fixed stuff

    Guys scandels in sports has been around forever. IMHO all is not always as it seems, however, I would like to comment on the recent running of the Belmont. I have a lifelong experience with horses. I have raised horses, shown horses, and yes raced horses.
    The jock did not stiff Big Brown. For some reason the horse chose not to run. I base my observation on Big Brown's body language. Shortly after breaking from the gate he began throwing his head which signals some kind of distress...something he did'nt like.
    The jock new his race was over early and did the right thing by not pushing it which could have made a bad situation worse (If you had something worth 60+ M between your legs you would too). If he would have been my horse (Man I wish he was!) I would have followed the same proceedures they did. It was'nt reported whether blood was drawn for lab analysis, but I'm sure they did. Horses can be extremely temperamental animals. Big Brown just was'nt feeling it. Kinda reminds me of another big choke in sports earlier in the year.

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