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That wasn't intended to be a knock on your age. I aint that young either. What I meant was that you've been playing FF since before it went BIG TIME!!! Now everyone and their brother plays it......
I was just kiddin' you man! Yeah, my first league was '91 or '92. I forgot, I've also had Bruenner, Stewart, Eric Green and even Eric Peagram! Peegey was a FA pickup when I had a back (I can't remember who) go down to injury.

Best draft I ever had I got, in the first three rounds, Barry Sanders, Dan Marino and Sterling Sharpe. Sanders and Marino both missed significant time that season.
Oh, I know your kiddin!!!

Was this the year Marino tore his achellis (sp) tendon? Didn't that happen agains Cleveland?

My first year playing was J. Shockeys rookie year (5 or 6 years) I suppose. I just saw my first FF publication the other day on the newstands. Yet, a sign the off season is on the downslope!!