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Thread: Dwight White page from Steeler Notebook

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    Dwight White page from Steeler Notebook

    The Pittsburgh Press
    Steeler Notebook
    Dwight White
    Defensive Lineman

    They call him "Mad Dog," and he's always going around describing his job thusly "It's a dog's life." He's alot like his coach, George Perles. He can be the meanest man on the team - more mean than Mean Joe Greene - or the most light-hearted. At times, Dwight White is as playful as a puppy.

    You should've seen him and Joe Greene and Lynn Swann rolling atop one another and pinching each other's calves, all tangled up and laughing on the sideline after practice one day at training camp, rolling around like kids in a farm field on the first day of summer vacation.

    Or, let's go back for a four-play sequence against the New York Jets in an exhibition game. He was going against Chirs Ward a fine young offensive tackle for the Jets. On the first play of this particular series, White was seen sitting on the field, kicking his legs in the air and clapping in delight as the referee called a penalty on Ward for holding him.

    "Hey, they gotcha for grabbing my jersey and pulling me down!" declared Dwight. On the next play, the two collided in earnest, and fell to the field together. Ward kicked at White and caught him. On the third down, White tossed a wicked forearm into Ward's head, and was cut down by a back when he got by Ward.

    On the fourth play, White tossed an uppercut into Ward's chest. "If Joe Greene hadn't gotten fined that time in Denver (for punching Paul Howard), I'd have beaten the hell outta Ward right there on the 50 yard line."

    After the game, Ward wanted to make up. "Hey I,m sorry about all that," he told White on the way to the locker room. "When you vote for All-Pro though, think of me." White laughed at the thought. He's good, and he,s got a mean streak, and I respect him," he said. "But he aint gonna make a reputation at my expense. No, siree."

    Now in his ninth season with the Steelers, White is splitting time with John Banaszak. He,s hoping to be in his fourth Super Bowl, and aims to be a big contributor toward another championship.

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    Re: Dwight White page from Steeler Notebook

    R.I.P Dwight...We will never forget. Prayers go out to Ezekiel and his family...
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    Re: Dwight White page from Steeler Notebook

    here's a link to leave your condolences in Dwight's guest book in his obit on the Post Gazette.

    [url=""] ... =111111668[/url]


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