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Thread: Dwight White dead

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    Re: Dwight White dead

    Having never grown up in the area, I never had the opportunity to acquire such great personal memories that you all have had. It is something that when your childhood heroes growing up are mentioned in stories that give them regular faces, in amicable situations, being as down to earth as any acquaintance you might find in a chance meeting. You would think that it would bring there status down from their lofty iconic state... but it actually does the opposite. Our heroes were not only giants in our eyes but men.... all too human, men. That's why its very sad when they depart... but in reality they never really die. The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long. We have had many bright candles in our team history, that's why The Nation can be comforted that as long as we remember them, in all their Black and Gold Super Bowl Winning glory... they'll never die, and will continue to live on in our hearts and minds. Here's to our immortal heroes.

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    Re: Dwight White dead

    As an ironic coincidence, SB XIII was on NFLN last night.

    They showed a nice clip of #78 waiving the cheering on the sidelines.

    And in the interview section, he had a great line -- something to the effect of "Do I believe the Cowboys suffered too much for their loss? NO!!! I don't think they suffered ENOUGH!!".

    I turned to my wife and said. He died today. How bizarre.
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    Re: Dwight White dead

    So very sad to hear this news.
    D.W. you will always live in the hearts of all Steeler Nation.


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