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Thread: OT: Convicted steroids dealer who gave names to NFL found..

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    Re: OT: Convicted steroids dealer who gave names to NFL found..

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    I would have never caught the missing tat...good call out.
    that was the first thing i noticed actually. it was also one of hte first things i noticed when i saw him on tv though.

    Why is the tat an issue? It is on the after picture. If the tat had been on the before picture and not the after picture then you know something is up. It was possible that he got the tattoo after the first picture was taken. Unless you knew for sure Merriman had the tattoo in college their is nothing wrong between the before and after except for some bad photoshopping.
    Like the tat on the Steeler fan in your sig. Funny, I hadn't noticed it before now, my attention was elsewhere, I think ...

    My little Asian friend hooked me up and added the tattoo so us guys would look somewhere other then up.

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    Re: OT: Convicted steroids dealer who gave names to NFL found..

    Quote Originally Posted by costanza2k1
    Holy crap! He has a small beer gut like me and then he's just

    Remember this guy? The autopsy report was released today, says he committed suicide by shooting himself - twice. Would it just be totally crazy to wonder if maybe he wasn't "helped" along with that suicide by someone representing the NFL's financial interest? Nahh, couldn't be, right?

    From NY Times online, 8-6-08":
    (AP) AUTOPSY REPORT RELEASED The autopsy report on convicted steroids dealer David Jacobs indicated he had more than five times the amount of testosterone in his system than allowed by standard sports testing.

    The Collin County, Tex., medical examiner’s office released the autopsy report on the 35-year-old Jacobs, who was found dead in his Plano home along with his former girlfriend, Amanda Earhart-Savell, on June 5. Authorities said she was killed by Jacobs. Jacobs met twice with N.F.L. security officials and gave them names of players he said bought steroids from him.

    The autopsies showed he died from a contact gunshot wound to the left temple and right abdomen. Earhart-Savell, 30, was shot seven times: once in the back of the head, once in the right upper back and five times in the chest. Police found a.40-caliber semiautomatic Glock 22 near his body.(AP)

    We got our "6-PACK" - time to work on a CASE!



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