A couple of places to check out if you find yourself in Atlanta or nearby on game day –

Smith’s Olde Bar (Atlanta – not far from Mid-town) – this took over the Steelers crowd when McTighe’s closed. The game’s on all TV’s, they serve Iron City and IC Light, and the place is filled with Black and Gold. Chants of "here we go Steelers, Here we go" break out on a regular basis. Look for the Steelers flag flying out front. Good chance for a Ghost sighting here

Barnacle’s (Duluth) – huge Steelers bar. Get a couple of hundred folks every week for the game. Home of the Gwinnett fan club (north eastern suburbs).

Hudson’s Grille (Brookhaven – just north of Buckhead) – will check this out this season but I’ve been told the Steelers crowd takes over the entire porch every game so the place has given it to them and puts the game on all TV’s out there. It gets covered when the weather is bad so you can still sit out there.

Freeland’s Pizza and Pub (Roswell) – they have their own fan club. If you join then your first beer each week is $.10 cents. Smaller place, but lots of Black and Gold.

Delkwood Grille (Marietta) – never been but they have a huge “Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers” sign out front for the entire season. Out in the northern ‘burbs.