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Thread: How To: Upload and Display a Signature

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    How To: Upload and Display a Signature

    Background information:

    Planet Steelers has now created a dedicated album within the photo gallery to allow all members to upload his or her signatures to. The Planet Steelers community wanted to provide all members with a mechanism to store signatures without the need to go to another website to upload your files. We, at Planet Steelers feel that this is a much needed feature in order to support this fast growing community of Pittsburgh Steelers faithful. Please follow the below steps to upload and display your signature.

    Instructions: - Uploading your signature

    Step 1: Log in to Planet Steelers. All members can log in either through the photo gallery, or the message board. Your message board login will work for the photo gallery as well as the message baord.

    Step 2: Access the photo gallery. You can access the planet steelers photo gallery simply by clicked the "Photo Gallery" link in the top menu at our home page.

    Step 3: Click the "Upload File" link in the top menu of the photo gallery. Please see the following screenshot:

    Step 4: Select your method of uploading to Planet Steelers. Planet Steelers allows users to upload the following:

    Files - Must be stored on your local computer.
    URL / URI Uploads - This is a URL to your file (i.e. signature). For example, a URL to a file should look like this: [url="http://www.mywebsite/MY_SIGNATURE.gif"]http://www.mywebsite/MY_SIGNATURE.gif[/url]

    If your chose "Files", click the "Browse" button and continue to select the file that you wish to upload to Planet Steelers. The file must be saved to your computer.

    Step 5: Click "Continue" to upload file(s)

    Step 6: Upon a successful download, you should received a confirmation message.

    Step 7: Next, the photo gallery will ask you to specify following information:
    Album - The album that you wish to upload your signature to. This should be set to "Forum Signatures"
    Title - The title of your file (i.e. My Signature)
    Description - A brief description of the file (i.e. signature)
    Keywords - Used my search engines, and the planet steelers search

    Step 8: Click "Continue" and that will complete the upload process.

    Instructions: - Display your signature in the Planet Steelers forum

    Step 1: Access your signature in the Planet Steelers photo gallery. The album is called "Forum Signatures".

    Step 2: Open your full-size image (i.e. signature). Please see the below screenshot for instructions on how to open your full-size image:

    Step 3: Copy your full-size image location. This option is available when your "Right Click" on the image with your mouse. Please see the below screenshot for instructions.

    Step 4: Go to the Planet Steelers message board

    Step 5: Access your signature settings. All settings including your signature settings can be access by clicking the "User Control Panel" link at the top of the message board (you must be logged in). Once you click the "User Control Panel", then click the "Profile" link in the left menu.

    Step 6: Then click the "Edit Profile" link.

    Step 7: Finally, select the "Img" button and past your image location within the tags. Please see the following screenshot for detailed instructions on the above 3 steps:

    CONGRATULATIONS! You have now completed the steps to upload and display your signatures all from within the Planet Steelers community. All members can upload images and display images within the message board following the above instructions.

    Happy Postings.


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    Re: How To: Upload and Display a Signature

    This is a duplicate topic. I have added this topic to the 'How to' section as well

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    Re: How To: Upload and Display a Signature

    I'm guessing we can host any image we wanted to post in a thread through this same process (uploaded to a different album)?

    It seems like a little bit of an effort, but all of the image-hosting sites I have used either disappear or switch to thumbnail views only, so I find myself having to browse for new ones too often.

    I really like how you are able to customize this site J. Beyond that, kudos for the way you take an active interest in making this board an even better place to post. Keep it going man.

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    Re: How To: Upload and Display a Signature

    Thanks FlaSteel!

    It does seem a little daunting at first because of all the steps, but it is pretty easy especially after the first time. I have a lot of steps indicated because I wanted to be very specific with the instructions. The upload process is intuitive but I wanted to try to make it as easy as possibly with the use of the screenshots which should help out the less computer savvy.

    As far as following the same process to uploading any pictures....That is exactly correct. You can use to same process to uploading any Steelers photos... The only difference is the album that you would upload it to. My only recommendations is that we provide a descriptive title, and a brief description with each upload. This will allow people to search /navigate more effectively for photos, and allow search engines to index the photos.

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    Re: How To: Upload and Display a Signature

    It is extremely easy. I went through the process myself in extreme tonight. This feature is awesome.... just the access to all the photos contained in that gallery. Thanks again, J for anticipating a need of the board and going from conception to reality. Appreciate the hard work.


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