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    Crowded backfield

    If he had it do again, running back Mewelde Moore would still sign with the Steelers -- even though Pittsburgh has since drafted Illinois running back Rashard Mendenhall in the first round.
    In March, Moore left the Minnesota Vikings as a free agent and signed a three-year deal with the Steelers. The next month, the Steelers added Mendenhall.

    Moore, though, said he has never felt better about his decision.

    "I'm excited," said Moore, whose contract is worth as much as $4.95 million with a $1.35 million signing bonus. "I know my role. My role is being a return guy and a third-down guy, spelling the (starter and backup). That's something I'm comfortable with."
    Pressed about the possibility of an even bigger role reduction with the addition of Mendenhall -- not to mention the presence of Najeh Davenport and Gary Russell in the Steelers' crowded backfield -- Moore didn't blink an eye.
    "That's the reason why I signed on," said Moore, a former fourth-round pick out of Tulane. "I was asked to do certain things I know I'm capable of doing."

    Moore, a 5-foot-11, 209-pounder, played four years with the Minnesota Vikings, including one season when Steelers coach Mike Tomlin was the offensive coordinator. He had 11 career starts, rushing for 1,285 yards and one touchdown. He also caught 116 passes for 1,093 yards and three scores.

    Moore's versatility with the Vikings was never more evident than when he was part of a rotation that included Adrian Peterson, Chester Taylor, Michael Bennett and Onterrio Smith.

    "I've been in situations where you build a stable and use every horse in the stable," Moore said. "When you're called upon, you have to make sure that you're capable and ready to do it. I've been here, and so far, I enjoy it."

    Another reason for Moore's comfort with the situation is his knack for returning punts, along with the Steelers' need to upgrade in that area.

    Moore is Minnesota's career leader in punt-return average (10.5 yards), and he has twice returned punts for touchdowns.

    The Steelers' average of 6.1 yards per punt return ranked 30th out of 32 teams in 2007.

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    Re: Crowed backfield

    If this Oline can run block half decently we have a really solid backfield. Pass blocking on the other hand ..... Hopefully, Ben can get ride of the damn ball quicker and Mahan never See's center again!
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    Re: Crowed backfield

    I think our O-line is really going to surprise a lot of people this year. Hartwig is being given another chance after having his time with the Panthers plagued by injuries. If he can play well at center and Kemo plays like I think he'll play our offensive line should be vastly improved. Marvel is healthy for the first time in over 2 years. We had Colon and Starks to battle it out and Simmons who may not be terrific is certainly far from bad.

    You couple that with the improvements we made at the skill positions, our loaded backfield and Big Ben with another year under his belt and the offense could be something special...

    And thats not even talking defense with hopefully a healthy troy and Ryan Clark and the emerging Lamar Woodley and Mr. Timmons.

    I just can't wait for things to start.

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    Re: Crowed backfield

    This crowded backfield is a great thing to have. In the years of playing smash mouth football, we've never been this deep since the days of our three headed monster of Harris, Bleier and Thornton. I'm truly excited about the prospects of our running attack, for not only the depth we're sure to have but more so that some of our backfield to be players have some skillsets in catching the ball. This is an area we most exploit this season.... not only will give Ben the outlets he'll need when coverage is steep on the WRs but it will allow Ben to get rid of the ball quicker.... a must this year.

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    Re: Crowed backfield

    As the season goes on, I think Mooore will be used exclusively on returns. If anything we hear out of OTAs is accurate I'm not sure how you can not have your main three RBs being: FWP, Mendenhall and Russell. Mendehall and Russell would be awesome pounding defneses late in a game.

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    Re: Crowed backfield

    Crowed Backfield


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