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Good read, man... Thanx!

We keep hearing how he is more understanding of the system, and better aware... It was the same story last season to an extent (being better aware, taking more control...). While I do agree with it, and understand that it also plays a part in how much dirt he accumulates on his uniform, there are alot of other issues that contribute to him being sacked that this article doesn't go into by design. .... Just sayin'

I know what your hinting to there, NKy. The Arians factor is on everybody's mind. This will be the single most measurable factor that will impact our offense's success this upcoming season. Let's hope our OC learned to play chess this year. He has the pieces to attain success, how well he moves these pieces is the real story.
Arians doesn't read the defense and make the decisions. That is all on Ben. Ben has enough experience that he should be able to audible out of any play to get a favorable match up and deliver the ball. Only he can deliver the ball not the OC.