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Maybe I'm a reality TV junkie or something... but I like The Ultimate Fighter, but I can't really get into the big events.

Matches, in my experience, are either really really exciting, or a huge freaking snoozefest. Maybe I haven't seen enough big time matches...

What's up with this Faber vs Pulver match that's coming up. Is that worth watching? Or is it crap cuz its not UFC?
The match with Pulver and Faber should be pretty good,Russ.WEC is kind of like the minor league UFC.They as a whole aren't anywhere near as good as the UFC,but once in a while they can put on a decent fight...............this should be one of them.
Mayhaps I'll check it out. I kind of like the best UFC Knockout shows they show on Spike. I do know I wouldn't mess w/ a large majority of those guys.

I'm looking forward to Rampage and Forrest going at it for the The Ultimate Fighter finale.

And I was upset when Gerald got schooeld by that knee...

That is one thing I like about the MMA stuff. It just takes one lucky shot... So you have to be FLAWLESS to avoid that sorta thing.