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No doubt - Heath.

With all the downfield weapons we have now, that means the underneath routes are going to be open & I'll take my chances with him on a LB any day. I'll go on record with 64 catches for Heath.
The middle of the field is going to be wide open for Miller. If there is a person besides Ben that I would see having a Pro Bowl-type year it would be Big Money. I think Holmes will also have a chance for a free trip to Hawaii and maybe Marvel Smith if he stays healthy. I'm thinking that our other former Pro Bowlers, Ward and Parker, are going to be impacted by the addition of new talent and will see a decline in overall numbers (but not valuable contributions).

I also see a big rebound by Max Starks and like for Dallas Baker to make some significant catches this season. The fact that they are both Gators is no coincidence, but it doesn't weigh (too much) in my prediction.