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Thread: Hello Steeler Fans ....

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    Zone Blitz

    Hello Steeler Fans ....

    Just found your site so I decided to register and wanted to introduce myself.

    Life long Steelers fan, born and raised in the north-west suburbs of Pittsburgh. Three Rivers season ticket holder for 23 years and very much an old-schooler when it comes to football.

    Look forward to talking some Steeler football with ya'll (yes, I live in the south these days)


    PS - how long has this site been around? Who owns it? Do any of you post on other boards as well? ... or did you at one time?


    Z Blitz

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    Re: Hello Steeler Fans ....

    Welcome. This site is owned by the eye in the sky...JHansle. Almost all of us posted at the Tribune until recently. Technical, moderator, and troll issues forced many of us to flee from inequity and persecution. We have found peace, solace, and a sense of community on another planet...Planet Steelers. This site has been around for awhile...but only recently has this site seen serious growth. Check out the member list and join dates to get an idea.

    Kick back, relax and contribute when you can.
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    Re: Hello Steeler Fans ....

    Welcome Zone!

    Your sig is awesome.
    He who forgets, will be destined to remember.

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    Re: Hello Steeler Fans ....

    Welcome,ZB.Good to have an "old-schooler" on board.

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    Re: Hello Steeler Fans ....

    Welcome aboard from a fellow Planet Steelers neophyte!!

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    Re: Hello Steeler Fans ....

    Welcome aboard!

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    Zone Blitz

    Re: Hello Steeler Fans ....

    Thanks all ...

    Looking forward to the season getting underway. A surprising draft indeed ... I expected them to go the route of the "big uglies" and they fooled everyone and lit the board up on the skill positions.

    Mendenhuge will be a nice addition to the backfield; especially in the red zone since we were gravely lacking a "pounder" ...

    Look at this cat and tell me he doesn't look like a bad ass ....

    Between him and Parker ...... all I have to say is, "DAUMN"

    Sweed will be a player too .... I don't expect big numbers from him this year, but next year he'll be ready. If anything, he'll force Nate to elevate his game this year.

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    Re: Hello Steeler Fans ....


    Molon labe

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    Re: Hello Steeler Fans ....

    Howdy. Hope to see you around often.... I love your sig also.

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    Re: Hello Steeler Fans ....

    Welcome to Planet Sleelers, She's a Black&Gold class M...


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