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I will probably go over "there" from time to time, but this is going to be home for me as well. Arguably the best of that board is here now anyways. So let the others drag their excitement, and enthusiasm over the negative coals. I'll be happy here.
This, I would certainly agree with. It's off to a good start anyway. I'm curious how many trolls will be here come gametime, and how many will not be satisfied with the smack board.
That's a good question indeed, so far from what I've seen the trolls who have posted have been the delusional garden variety . However, trolls are trolls and it is in their intrinsic nature to pop up and annoy anywhere, anytime.
Most trolls for other teams in our division soon leave after beat the crap out of them anyways.

I think the In-House Trolls were the problem over there. And those type of Trolls never go away.
I agree. That was my biggest problem over there. The HHH's of the world. I at least respected Crash's knowlege, but he was a jerk most of the time. I'm still going to frequent, but I really hope we keep them away over here.[/quote:1cy0adt9]

Absolutely agree.
I don't mind argument, discussion and opinions from others, it's just that when every opinion is met with either immediate put down and insult, or better yet when they cant admit that they have been proven wrong and have to resort to personal attacks from behind the keyboard is what really chills me about some the in-house trolls. No character, no conviction = Coward.