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Thread: Mendenhall Ready To Respond

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    Re: Mendenhall Ready To Respond

    Quote Originally Posted by starlifter
    the only chink in Mendenall's armor is the praise came from Ron Zook.........

    Starlifter.... that is so money. Zook was a sham coach when he was here in Florida. I agree, the testimonial from Zook is like bad review.

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    Re: Mendenhall Ready To Respond

    lol, i still blame Zook to this day for the state of our special teams. It's my belief he drove them so low we still need 9 more years of recovery before they become average again.....


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    Re: Mendenhall Ready To Respond

    I'm glad we got Mendy instead of Stewart. I didn't like that Stewart had that turf toe injury.

    Doesn't bother me a bit that he didn't start until his junior season...he comes to us with lots of tread on the tires!

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    Re: Mendenhall Ready To Respond

    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher
    Quote Originally Posted by BigLebowski
    Quote Originally Posted by ShawnMedGuy
    Let me say a few things about Mendenhall. First, I like that comment about how he produces on 3rd down. I will take that stat over just about any. He is a VERY talented back. But lets pause for a second before we annoint him the next LT. Things I'm personally concerned about....

    1) Wasn't able to break into the starting line up until his junior season.
    2) Big Run D's (ie OSU, Penn St/) shut him down pretty well. He had 76 and 88 yards in those two games, respectively. I will say though that he did shine against USC....but that was his ONLY big running game in his college career against a tough D.

    I say this to keep peoples expectations in check. He is a very talented back but he has alot to learn and to prove. Don't be shocked if Parker and Russell start the season as the 1/2 punch with Mendenhall occasionally sprinkled in. If this happens the Bustenhall comments will pour from the mouths of the ignorant. Give the guy a little time to get acclimated to the league and the speed of pro ball.
    Shawn, those same concerns you mentioned are troubling to me. I also worry about the style of offense he played in.

    BTW-- I would be very shocked to see Russell vault above Davenport, and Moore in the depth chart if Mendenhall remains unsigned or struggles to pick up the offense. I don't believe he was even active during any games till FWP got hurt.
    Russell wasn't active because he was an UDFA rookie who did not even play college ball the year before. Not only did he have to try to catch up to the speed of the NFL game, he also had to work his way back into true football shape after all that time without playing live ball. However, Russell shows much more promise than Najeh, who has had his shot with 2 teams in the league so far and has underwhelmed. I don't think he'll see more PT than Mendenhall like SMG is suggesting, but he should definitely be kept as a developmental back over Davenport. I foresee Dookie trying to compete with Davis for a FB spot instead (and failing to do so, unfortunately, because Davenport has the skills, but doesn't seem to have the desire to use his body the way someone his size should).
    I agree that I think Russell has much more upside than the rest, I guess I just don't see a 2 back system without Mendenhall. I do expect Moore to be the 3rd down back, but I don't envision anybody else taking carries away from Willie but Mendenall, even in short yardage.
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