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Dude, your to funny. By the way have you added her to the steeler waiting list? I say by the time he is 25 he is going to thank me for doing that for him.

I have some homeboys over here, we have a "Men's Breakfast" every week to slop up some grub and keep up with eachother. That very subject was brought up this past week.... they reminded me that half-asian women are just absolutely stunning (my daughter's mom is FBI: full blooded Italian with her folks being immigrants from the Abruzzi region of Italy)... and come 13 years from now, I'm going to be hating it. I guess I'm going to have to stay physically menacing.... not that a towering 5'7" and 180 lbs is intimidating, but with tattoos and a shaved head, I might be able to pull it off.
AS I hate to burst your idea fof menacing "5'7" and 180lbs" but my 15 year old son is 6' 180lbs and still growing.

Hey 5'7" in my country is a power forward in basketball.