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what rumors are there about neil odonnell? i dont hate him at all for leaving pittsburgh. i was very happy when he went else where. i just hate him because he choked and cost the steelers the sb.
thing is... he didnt... he threw the ball where the wr was SUPPOSED to be. the inexperienced WR is the one you should hate.

that's the reason that i think it's neil and it isn't even close. he's being hated (or disliked) for something that isn't even his fault. Like I said, i would have left, too. the hatred for Neil is like hating Ben because Bettis fumbled in Indy.
holliday wasnt the cause of both int's though. its hard for me to blame a rookie wr that hardly ever played. you could also blame coaching for that int, but neil threw the ball therefore he has to take some or a little of the blame for that int. the other one was all on neil. i dont blame him for leaving he got paid so much more money than he was worth.
the bettis fumble is completely different. it was a good hand off and it was all bettis's fault. ben made a incredible tackle, i wouldnt of blamed ben at all had they lost. the big difference besides the obvious between neil and ben is ben mans up and takes all the blame when it is his fault
you throw a pass, hit the WR in the chest, bounces off and is INT... you threw it... your fault?

what i'm telling you is NOD put the ball where it was supposed to go... the WR wasn't there. how can you fault NOD for throwing the pass he was supposed to throw?