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Thread: Week 14: Clash of the Titans?

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    Re: Week 14: Clash of the Titans?

    Quote Originally Posted by asiansteel
    Given the history of these two teams and their past rivalry, I can't see any other game during week 14 that merits more air time. Since SB XXX I haven't seen both ball clubs loaded with as much talent as they both will have this upcoming season. I think it will be an offensively electrified game. I want our team to stomp the cowgirls into the dirt... but my wife wants the cowgirls to win, because she thinks their pants are the prettiest in the NFL.

    This will be a divided household come week 14.
    Stomping is not good enough, bone crushing seems to come to mind.
    Besides, when you beat the cryboys, you beat Jerry Jones too.
    I hope it turns out as a dog fight the first half, then we rout em'.

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    Re: Week 14: Clash of the Titans?

    Catholic priest and an 11 year old. I burst out laughing on that one.
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    Re: Week 14: Clash of the Titans?

    remember how well ben did in his first game against the cokeblows? THAT was when i knew we had a DAMN GOOD QB! and that was his rookie season!


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