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So let me see, our two projected starting guards are now Kendall Simmons and a guy who couldn't beat KenDoll out last season. I sure hope the offensive line jells and plays well as a cohesive unit, but I have my doubts. I guess we'll find out soon enough...
A good quick passing game and a strong 2 back running game could nullify the Oline problems we experienced last year......I hope.
You hit the nail on the head. many of the sacks were not OL issues, but Ben not checking down fast enough to secondary receivers, i.e. TEs and RBs. Ben is great throwing short to mid range and almost unstoppable--see J-ville play off game. When he wants to force the balkl deep and waits for receivers to get open deep that is when the sacks happen.

I think the OL will play much better this season, but Ben is key to 50% of the solution--get rid of the ball.