So I'm going to look at a place to rent tomorrow (a house) and the landlord said I could get the dish if I want. A coworker has directv and said he'd split it with me. What that means is he gets an additional box, I hook it up at my place and pay him half each month. All I have to do is get a dish and get it installed. We're already talking about going halves on Sunday Ticket which means no more games at BW3 for this guy

Anyway, my question is about the dish itself. Is there a difference between a directv and dish network dish? Not the boxes...just the dish. My mom had dish network at one time and if there is no difference I'll take the dish off her house and have it installed at my place. I can't imagine there is a difference between them, but would like to hear it from someone who knows for sure. So who's the board expert?

Thanks in advance!