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I wonder if the Pens fans really understand how fortunate you are. I'm not much of a hockey fan anymore (even though I used a Leafs avatar on the trib board), but this city is insane about it.

The Pens were on their way out of Pittsburgh in 1984 when they happened to be awful enough at just the right time to receive the gift of Mario Lemieux. That Stanley Cup team with him, Jagr, Coffey and Francis - 4 first ballot, front of the line HOFers - was the most star studded lineup since Edmonton had Mark Messier on the second line.

Then, well after Mario moves from the ice to the owner's box, the team seems destined to leave Pittsburgh once again. Then, lo and behold, Crosby and Malkin in back to back drafts, at the same time as the CBA is redone to limit the money that they have to pay them.

As a 20 year old, this guy is poised to lead his team to the cup. Whether or not they actually win it all this year is almost irrelevant. The fact is that the fans of the team will get to watch this guy play every night. Watch him go from talented teen to probably one of the greatest in history.

There really isn't an equivalent in football because no one player can dominate the game the way it can be done in hockey or basketball, but imagine having Bulls season's ticket the year they draft Jordan, and not giving them up until after he retired.

Pens fans are in for a very special experience. Most Leaf fans in this city would give their left nut to be in that position here. Then again, these days most Leaf fans would give their first born just to see the playoffs again.
Are the Leafs the Browns of the NHL? I follow hockey but don't know too much about Toronto's history. Weren't they pretty good back in the day...kind of like the Browns during pre-NFL years? If they are, I hope their fans aren't as dillusional and think they are Stanley Cup Champs every year in July... [/quote:1fpswfgm]

I wouldn't call the Leafs the Browns of the NHL, but there has been quite the futility streak lately.

They have not won the Stanley Cup since 1967.
They have not made the playoffs the last three years.
They have been disasterous at the FO level for about 5 years, and have just fired their GM and the coach in the last few months.

This is a city that lives hockey. Imagine this:

* We have a local all sports radio station - they talk hockey at least 75% of the time.
* There is another radio staion that has the broadcast rights. They have some daytime programming that probably gives them 5-6 hours a day of mostly Leaf talk.
* We have three all sports TV stations. One is national and focuses on hockey more than any other sport. One is regional and does so much Leaf hockey that they simulcast a one hour Leaf radio show (kind of how ESPN does Mike and Mike - but all Leafs), and the third still gives us more than enough Leafs coverage in case you missed it elsewhere.