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Thread: O Line

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    Re: O Line

    Quote Originally Posted by madflag
    well being here in florida and watching some bucs games mahan sucks at guard almost as bad as he did at center
    Thats extremely unfortunate. Not that I was expecting pro bowl out of him, but at least hope he's a decent fill in.

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    Re: O Line

    Unfortunate but not surprising.

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    Re: O Line

    Quote Originally Posted by ShawnMedGuy
    I would personally like to see this line.

    Smith Colon Hartwig Simmons Starks

    How will it turn out?

    Smith Kemo Hartwig Simmons Colon

    with a 7 million dollar back up in Starks.
    I think you are 100% right about that! I wish for the same OL you do but I think it will turn out with Kemo playing so well that they have no reason to move Colon to LG. I still feel Starks will be the starting LT in 2009. They will sign him at a discount and Smith will hit the market looking for his last big payday. In my opinion, this OL is solid with the addition of Hartwig. I think the talent is as good as last year even without Faneca. (minus Faneca & minus Mahan) < (add Kemo & add Hartwig) The biggest addition this OL got was at RB & WR. The defense wants to put "8 in the box" when the Steelers show 3WR, 1TE, & a single Back...All I have to say is "All Day"!
    Retain Worilds or Sign Brandon Graham OLB
    Sign FA RB (???)

    1st Waynes CB/ Collins CB / Peters CB
    2nd Eli Harold OLB
    3rd Jesse James TE
    4th Eric Rowe DB
    5th Karlos Williams RB
    6A Xavier Williams NT
    6B Ray Drew DE
    7th Max Garcia OL


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