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No question, SBXL in Detroit. We sent in our money for the season-ticket holder Super Bowl lottery every year that we had home field throughout the playoffs with home games in the AFC Championship game and were never chosen. When do we get picked? The year we sneak into the playoffs as the 6th seed wildcard and must play the top 3 seeds in the conference on the road. I was disappointed that we did not get the chance to attend a home playoff game that year at first, but when we found out that attending the ultimate playoff game was a possibility...words couldn't describe the feelings we had sitting and home watching the AFC Championship game against the Broncos, knowing that if they won not only would the Steelers be going to the Super Bowl, but so would I. Normally, our drive from the Scranton area to Pittsburgh is just over 5 hours, and since the drive to Detroit was roughly 8.5 hours, we took the car (remember, gas cost about half as much then...it took slightly over 11 hours, though, because it started snowing as we drove through Ohio and into Michigan). There were no hotels available in the greater Detroit area, so we had to stay in Ann Arbor. After running around downtown Detroit like crazed lunatics after the game, we finally settled down near our hotel at an all night greasy spoon place on the University of Michigan campus (we couldn't find anything else open in the middle of the night) and my Dad and I just reminisced about the game and the whole experiences over a pizza and a couple of milkshakes.

Honorable mention:
Most fun playoff game at Heinz: The comeback vs. Cleveland in which Fuamatu-Ma'Afala wins it at the end with a draw play for a TD. My wife bought one of those T-shirts that said "One Bad Ma'Afala!"

Most fun regular season game at Heinz: The snow game against the Bears in which Bettis ran over over 100 yards in the second half, starting the march toward SBXL. In the end, we could not have been more wet and cold or more satisfied. Great stuff.

Home AFC Championship games. Nothing more needs to be said.

Great story, Ruthless. I envy you northerners that are able to attend Steeler games with such regularity. Its tough for those of us that are a part of the Nation representin' the south. I'm going to the Jax game this year (as I do every year the men of Steel come and visit the kitty cats of Jax). Always a bruiser of a game. That must of been a hell of game to watch. If I were at a SB and the Steelers were playin' I'd be cryin' like a little girl with a skinned knee. To be in a sea of Black and Gold at the biggest dance of our favorite sporting event.... gheez, unimaginable. BTW, saw the pics of you kids... awefully cute. Looking at your daughter.... I guess you, me, Jigawatts, and Shawn will be hating it in about 12 years. Like I said, by then our support group should be in full swing.