I'll start with worse:
I've only been to two Steelers games, both in San Diego.

In 1994 my Dad and I went to the season ending game, we (the Steelers) had
already locked up our playoff spot. Thomzack was starting along with mostly second stringers. I was just excited to be watching the Pittsburgh Steelers! Dad drank a lot.

After the game fights broke out every where, it was ugly. I lived in SD at the time and honestly epected a casual laid back atmosphere.

When we finally made it to my truck (1984 Nissan/Datson pickup ha) I was seeing outnumbered Steeler fans trying to defend themselves at every turn. As we neared the exit I see a Steeler fan being brutally beaten by a small mob of Chargers fans... 19 years old at the time and thinking I could take on the world, I announced " Thats it I'm going in!!" I put my truck in neutral, slammed on the e-brake and started to get out of my truck to hear my Dad say (slurred, incoherent) "Om cuuumiiin too"... I slouched back into my seat, drove home and have always wondered what became of my fellow Steeler fans after that game.

I guess this is my best
In 2006 I had a Raider fan sitting right behind me (at a Steelers/ Chargers game mind you) and still have my suspicions that he stole my binoculars...

Again I was grateful to be watching my Steelers but really it was a bad experience. It was hard to watch them fold in the second half, especially having to listen to Raider fan.