They just had a small segment featuring Limus Weed, then flipped it back to the studio to discuss the outlook for next year's team.

Sweed was soft-spoken but confident as he talked about the transition to the pro game and some of his new teammates and coaches. They showed some B-roll of him practicing in OTAs during the interview and while it was hard to really discern anything, I thought he looked damn good in the Black-n-Gold. I thought Sweed was the best receiver in the draft and was saying so the night before with a buddy of mine, so I'm stoked to get him.
As far as the team outlook, Schefter spoke glowingly of the recent injection of talent and speed with Mendenhall, Sweed, Woodley and Timmons. Woodson was pretty much non-committal either way and spoke of the Steelers need to play consistently down the stretch and pointed out the change in offensive philosophy. The fat man, Jamie Dukes, astutely asked the question of which of our high draft picks are going to block for Ben Roethlisberger. Then they went from showing big plays from our offense to showing Ben get buried and Willie Colon standing nearby with that Arby's sign over his head. All Eisen contributed was his typical lame one-liner about some inane observation...Ward's "old-school" leather helmet was his target this time. There was no definitive proclamation to our 2008 outlook, so no one was saying contender or pretender.

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